Monday, July 19, 2010

Virtual Fashion Camp?

This is evidence that we're moving rapidly into the future with our knowledge of technology. Since I had my epiphany and changed my career path to fashion, I've wanted to attend fashion camp in New York City. Just to go to New York City is one of my greatest dreams! Recently, through my Twitter followings, I stumbled upon Virtual FashionCampNYC. "Virtual?" I asked myself, "What on earth could this be?" So I checked it out. Virtual FashionCampNYC is a fashion camp geared toward 8th through 12th graders who want to learn more about the industry. Some of us simply do not have the money to fly to New York City and attend fashion camp which would include a base fee plus room and board. The way the economy is now, the concept is perfect. Until July 28th, the cost to attend Virtual FashionCampNYC is $149. After, the price goes back up to $199. With this price, you get unlimited access to:

Previous FashionCampNYC lectures

10 hours of private broadcasts

Hands-on assignments you can complete right at home

Techniques to help you enhance your skills in the industry

From August 2nd to the 6th, all you need is a laptop/computer and connection and you can access FashionCampNYC from anywhere! With this program, it's not just all watching. There is some involvement included in the package as well. As a camper, you can share your talent in return for feedback from professionals, connect with individuals who can help you with internships and jobs, and learn ways to get yourself in the fashion industry! Sounds exciting, right?

Also with looking into the virtual program, I took a look at the actual NYC program at LIM, and I wish programs like FashionCampNYC would expand to other major cities. I would love to experience something like this firsthand and I know other girls would as well. However at nearly $1300 for the New York program against $199 for the online program, I think the online program wins. Until then, this experience seems to be a great one and I encourage you to register.

-- Jae


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