Wednesday, August 4, 2010

FashionCampNYC: Day One/Two

Thanks to FashionCampNYC going virtual this summer for their advanced session I've been able to attend both the required band camp here at home and fashion camp all in one week! I'm glad to be able to attend. The past few days have been exhausting with band, but I've been able to come home to OnDemand lectures from fashion industry professionals straight from New York City.

In the first two days, I have heard from other fashion bloggers, independent designers, and professionals from the big brands, speak about their experiences. It's been a blast! And not to mention that I'm working on my fashion brand project that the New York campers are completing this week! But the best part, is that I can send my project in to present just like the other fashionistas and fashionistos attending; it's just like I'm there with them. 

Even though I'm a virtual camper, I have gotten to experience the full blown thing. I logged on the first day with a virtual welcome just as the others received. It makes me want to be in the heart of the big city as well. 

So far, I've learned a lot about the behind-the-scenes of the industry. One part of FashionCampNYC that I thoroughly enjoy is hearing the backgrounds of the speakers. It's fun to hear about where they came from and how they got to where they are now! Some I can even relate to; it's a reassuring feeling.


Saturday, July 31, 2010

FashionFixx in NYC

I know it's been a while since I've written an actual blog post, but I've been extra busy lately. My busy high school schedule is about to begin again, so I'm getting into the swing of things beginning with marching band. So tiring. But I can guarantee that it will not pull me away from blogging on a normal basis, although, it may get a little difficult to keep up at times.

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog about Virtual FashionCampNYC. I loved the concept and wished other programs would do the same. A couple of days later, I found an email in my inbox from the producer of the program inviting me to "attend" the camp. I've always wanted to visit New York City, but that has yet to happen. So this is the closest I'll be getting to New York for a while.

Anyway, I'm extra excited because yesterday, I received my Virtual FashionCampNYC login information in the mail. Until the session begins on Monday, I can still stay occupied by watching lectures from previous camp sessions. It's amazing. Already, I've watched speeches from employees of large companies such as Coach, Juicy Couture, Elle Magazine, and many more! Even though I'm not there in person, I'm still getting an invaluable experience being able to listen to these speakers. So far, I can say I've learned about things I've never even given thought to when it comes to the fashion industry!

When receiving my login information from the producer of the camp, I was given a schedule for the Monday speakers starting at 9:30 AM. I nearly freaked out. How could I tune in for the live broadcast when I'd be at band camp all day?! But that's the great thing about Virtual FashionCampNYC. The videos are available 24/7 for the entire week. It's like OnDemand service for the week from your computer. So after I come home from an exhausting day, I'll be able to relax and watch the lectures. PERFECT. I can tell that this experience will be a rather enjoyable one. Although I'm a little bummed I won't be able to participate in the chat during the broadcasts. But it's all great!

For those of you not attending FashionCampNYC, all I have to say is that you're missing out on a ton of amazing resources! But not to worry. Because throughout my "visit" to New York City, I'll update you through blog and vlog posts from YouTube.

Stay Fashion-Forward


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Runway Supermodels Fashion Week Giveaway

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Vince Camuto at Northpark: Part 2/2

Following my last post, I thought I'd post some pictures I took from the successful Dillard's event for Vince Camuto! Enjoy!
The store was BUSY! It was a pretty huge event -- a DJ playing the latest hits, photographers, models, and of course, a great designer and his shoes!
The screen showing a video of what Vince Camuto is all about.
And there's the man himself -- Vince Camuto!
One of the displays of the shoes for his 2010 Fall collection.
I can't wait until my face is blown up like this -- designers like him inspire me!
Vince Camuto signing pictures and merchandise.
The display for the event in front of the store. So many SHOES!
A closer look -- see any you like??
An even CLOSER look! My eyes are focused on those "Amber" booties from the 2010 Fall collection. Ah!

Forever Fixated,
Founder of FashionFixx

Vince Camuto at NorthPark: Part 1/2

When I first heard that Vince Camuto would be at NorthPark today to promote his 2010 Fall shoe collection at Dillard's, I was ecstatic. The event was going to be hosted by The Fashionistas -- finally I'd be around women, and men, as passionate about fashion as I am. Luckily, my work schedule was clear for the day -- all I had to do was pick out a cute outfit and fix my hair. I wound up choosing a dressy silk, off-white She Said tank with my dark denim Forever XXI skinny jeans and a sexy pair of Elle pumps (with a trusty pair of black flats in my Juicy Daydreamer of course!) The last thing I grabbed before leaving the house was my copy of The Teen Vogue Handbook -- the stories of professionals in the fashion industry that have served as my inspiration as I prepare for my career in fashion and I wanted him to be the first of many to sign the blank pages in the back. There had to be a reason for those, right?
When I arrived at Dillard's, the shoe department was flooded with women scoping out the new collection of Vince Camuto. It seemed to be turning out a success. "So how many Vince Camuto's are you going to buy today?" a saleswoman joked as she approached me. My response was, "Oh, none today...but they're definitely on my back-to-school list!" I tried to refrain from buying anymore additions to my wardrobe. I debated with my shopaholic conscious the day prior whether I would just come in to see what all the hype was about or whether I would actually buy shoes. Once again, my shopaholic conscious had taken the victory. 
Now I can say that I truly understand what women see in Vince Camuto's line of shoes -- they are NOT ordinary. They have the look and comfort of an expensive shoe, but have the price sticker that will more than please your pocketbook. They range in price from about $80-120 (not on sale). Thank you, Mr. Camuto! The second I stepped out of my heels and into the "Richie" flats, I felt like I was walking on a pillow made especially for my feet! Unlike most flats where there isn't much cushion between your foot and the floor, these are comfortably padded. And the leather is already buttery soft, so you don't have to worry about your poor feet going through too much pain in order to break them in. The gems on them bring out the fall colors as well! Ever since I got home, I haven't been able to stop wearing and admiring them -- they're beautiful and perfect for the upcoming season.  At Dillard's the flats I bought (below) were on sale for $47.99! I bought the last pair in my size, so I'm guessing the shoe has been pretty popular amongst size 8's.
I applaud Vince Camuto because he really knows what a woman desires in a shoe -- it's very evident in his designs. Without a doubt, I'll be returning for more. 
Forever Fixated,
Founder of FashionFixx

Friday, July 23, 2010

TJ Maxx and Ross and Marshalls...OH MY!

At a young age, I can say that I hated shopping. I especially dreaded going into discount stores because all the ones I had ever been too seemed to hold a consistent reputation for being "junky" -- it was torture. But the more and more I grew deeper in love with fashion, shopping in discount stores became greater of a hobby to me. I am now proud to say that I am an avid discount shopper. People often make the assumption that I'm "rich". I won't lie, I am blessed (and spoiled...although I despise that term), but my biggest secret is discount. Seldom do I purchase full price from department stores without scaling the clearance, reduced, or sale racks first. I hear amongst my friends all the time that stores like TJ Maxx, Ross, and Marshalls are junky and they can't stand to shop in them. Each time I hear this, I want to get on my soap box and tell them about all the amazing items they can find for much less than the department/boutique price. Another thing I've heard is that these discount stores only have brands that no one wants in their wardrobe -- WRONG! I can't even begin to tell you the things I've seen and have bought in these stores! I've found dozens of Juicy Couture purses, shoes, tracksuits, and accessories. Recently, I was even shocked to find Prada and Gucci shoes in a TJ Maxx and Marshall's. The thing is, you never know what you're going to find and, to me, it feels like Christmas when I spot a fabulous find. Yes, there are a lot of clothes to look through and they're on the racks with like pieces, but it's really worth plowing through!  But I can understand  where some don't have the patience. I've gotten designer purses for more than 50% of the original price -- it's heaven. I'd have to say that my most fabulous and memorable find was a Juicy Couture Daydreamer (very similar to the one below) which usually runs from $198 - 225, for only $60. This type of price can pull any Fashionista in!


Fashionista Tip: While it's nice to fly to your vacation destination, try driving. You'll run into loads of these discount stores on the way. Discount stores in different areas have a demand for different items, so that Michael Kors bag you like in one area may be much less in another...and you'll return with more souvenirs! ;)

I'll be updating you soon on my fabulous finds from my three best friends -- TJ Maxx, Ross, and Marshalls -- soon, but until then, I encourage you to visit your local stores.

-- Jae

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Retail Therapy

Retail Therapy

When I created FashionFixx, I named it for the addiction of many women and men worldwide -- shopping and fashion. If you're anything like me, you just can't get enough of fashion, so you're constantly searching it and shopping it. I admitted long ago that I had an addiction to fashion, but with new priorities, I've gotten better. Today I came across something brilliant. It's better than any of those other Facebook games in my opinion; I've just never had the desire to play them. If you have yet to explore PopSugar past my blog, then you're really missing out. Retail Therapy is a new Facebook game powered by PopSugar. You can manage your own clothes store. And they're not just ANY old clothes -- they're designer. Tory Burch, Diane Von Furstenburg, Topshop, and more are featured in the game! The higher you get in level, the more clothes are unlocked for both your avatar and your customers. You'll become so indulged in this game that you'll forget about going out to shop for those Christian Louboutin heels you've had your eye on when you can actually see your avatar wearing them for you! It's perfect. Start playing today to fulfill your fixation.

-- Jae